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Once Upon A Tuesday

Today is cold-ish; partly sunshiney, partly overcast, and overall just rather confused and non-committal. South Carolina winters can be both wonderful and incredibly aggravating. Some days I truly wish it would freeze and snow, but on other days waking up to sunshine and a high of 75 in December makes my heart sing.

Today I wore scrubs and hooked many sore, stiff, aching bodies up to the electric stimulation therapy machines at the chiropractor. Sincerely sympathetic smiles aren't quite as helpful in alleviating pain as I wish they could be, but nonetheless I scattered them as freely as the flowers printed on my scrub top.

Today my new Chromebook was delivered. In testing out the webcam, I discovered what an effortless Statue of Liberty impression can be achieved with the help of our dining room clock.

Today Mama made smoked turkey and wild rice soup from some Thanksgiving leftovers, and it smelled fantastical. I tested it. It is, in fact, fantastical.

Today I have to work the ev…

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